Custom Solutions

We can create custom fiber optic solutions to meet an requirements, specifications, or parameters.

If you or your company needs a fiber optic componenet, product, or system that performs particular functions, operrates under certain conditions, or meets specific requirments and no such product currently exists, we can help! Berkshire Photonics can design, develop, and produce a custom fiber optic solution for any project you may have, or any problem you may be facing. Our skilled engineers will work with you step by step, from concept to completion, to ensure the design meets your exact needs and provides optimal performance.

Berkshire Photonics’ custom fiber optic solutions are a cost-effective, easy-to-use, superior alternative to standard fiber optic products. Standard fiber optic products and components are not designed with your specific application in mind, thus they may not provide you with the same level of performance, dependibility, and efficiency as a custom fiber optic product. It is essentialy a case of having the right tool for the right job. You could pound a nail into piece of would with a rock, however a hammer would likely work much better. Here at Berkshire Photonics, our experts can study the requirements (to continue with the analogy, the nail and the piece of wood into which it must be driven) of your particular project or application, and then create a solution (the hammer) that is a perfect fit for your needs.

We service the industrial, utilities, military and data communications markets with an emphasis upon understanding our customers’ individual needs. We offer North American stocked specialty photonics products, technical support, and applications assistance. Our experience, technical expertise, and commitment to providing our customers with innovative Custom Solutions, distinguishes Berkshire Photonics from the competition. We understand that your business counts on us.

Our precision products are uniquely tailored for special applications in the following market segments:

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