Custom Optical Jumpers

Berkshire Photonics’ prowess in custom assembly design enables us to fabricate an assembly that will meet your exact requirements. We design and manufacture each component individually to ensure each assembly fulfills your specific needs. We manufacture and package all assemblies in a clean room environment and can incorporate optical and electrical contacts, RFID technology, Bar-coding, and material-time stamping into any design. Why rely on a standard product when Berkshire Photonics can design, develop, and manufacture a custom cable assembly to perfectly fit your project’s specific needs? If you are interested in having Berkshire Photonics design custom assemblies for you, please contact us via email or telephone (860-868-0412) for a consultation and quote.

Fiber Options

Berkshire Photonics offers a variety of Optical fiber that include standard telecommunication fiber optics, Plastic Optical Fiber (POF), and fiber optics used in medical applications. The specific requirements and parameters of an application will dictate which type of fiber we will use, as choosing the correct fiber will yield optimal results. Berkshire Photonics can determine which type of fiber is best suited for an application by analyzing the temperature the fiber will be required to withstand, the type of environment the fiber will be exposed to, and any physical contact that will be placed upon the fiber. Please contact Berkshire Photonics so that we can determine which fiber best suits your needs.


Berkshire Photonics possesses the ability to coat any fiber optic with material that will help it withstand a multitude of environmental pressures that the fiber may be exposed to. Berkshire has a variety of material that can increase the fiber optic cable resistance to heat and chemical stresses. Please contact Berkshire Photonics so that they can determine the correct jacketing material that will allow you to achieve the optimal result.


Berkshire Photonics has access to every fiber optic connector available for use in the construction of a custom assembly. All of the standard telecom connectors are in stock and can be utilized immediately. If you feel that the standard connectors are not going to meet your needs, than Berkshire Photonics can develop the connector that you require. For more information view our connectors page.

Custom Connectors (Crimp Ferrules, Connectors, Caps, Boots)

Berkshire Photonics has the ability to develop a custom fiber optic connector for use on your Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies. All components of the connector will be developed to withstand all environmental factors the fiber optic cable may be subjected to. Please call us to start the development process of your custom connector. If you are unsure as to whether a standard or custom connector is better suited for your application, Berkshire Photonics’ skilled staff can help you make that determination.

Interested in having Berkshire Photonics design custom assemblies for you? Please contact us via email or telephone (860-868-0412) for a consultation and quote.