Precision Fiber Optic Coils

Berkshire Photonics offers precision fiber optic coils and winding services. Our fiber coils are able to fit any budget and any space. Fiber optic delay coils are devices used to slow down a signal by a specific time interval in a fiber optic network by splitting the optical signal and then rerouting one of the signals through a fixed length of fiber.



Berkshire Photonics has many years of experience when it comes to winding precision coils. Your specific needs can be achieved at Berkshire Photonics, we are able to meet your specifications when it comes to delay time, fiber length, fiber type, packaging, custom spools (your choice of material, size, mounting holes, etc.), and termination requirements.

Berkshire Photonics also offers standard re-spooling services of many diameter fibers.

Interested in this service? Please contact us via email or telephone (860-868-0412). We will happily provide you with a quote, in addition to answering any questions or concerns you may have.