Multimode Fiber Optic Connectors

Fiber optic connectors, as the name implies, connect to the ends of fiber optic cable. Different fibers require different connector designs for different applications. We can help you determine which type of connector is best suited for your specific application. If none of the standard connector types meet the requirements of your fiber optic project, we can design and develop custom connectors to your exact specifications. Our special micro-drilling technique, allows us to drill holes in a variety of diameters and to produce connectors capable of accommodating an array of fiber sizes. The proper connector will allow you to achieve optimal performance with minimal light loss. To purchase any of these connectors, please visit our online store. Interested in having us utilize any of these connectors in a custom product? Not sure which connecter best suits your needs? We’re here to help. Please contact us via email or telephone (860-868-0412).

The connector styles are as follows:


Short Name Fiber Hole Size Coupling Type Ferrule Diameter Applications
FC 125um to 2000um Threaded 2.5mm Datacom, Telecommunications, Measurement Equipment, Single Mode Lasers
LC 125um to 800um Snap 1.25mm SFP and XFP Transceivers
SC 125um to 1900um Push/Pull 2.5mm Datacom, Telecom, and Gigabit Interface Converter
ST 125um to 1900um Bayonet 2.5mm Multimode (Rarely Single-Mode)
SMA 125um to 2000um Threaded 3.2mm Industrial Lasers, Military; Telecom Multimode
F07 230um to 1900um Latch 2.5mm LAN, Audio Systems; Siemans controlers
F05 230um to 1900um Latch or Interference 2.5mm Optical Networking, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics
F08 250um to 1800um Latch 2.5mm Optical Networking, Mistsubishi Industrial Controllers, Yokogawa Controlers
Versatile 230um to 2000um Interference 3.78mm Optical Networking, Industrial Electronics, Power Electronics, Consumer Electronics

Available for purchase in our online store or contact us via email or telephone (860-868-0412). We will happily provide you with a quote, in addition to answering any questions or concerns you may have.