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All-Silica Fiber An All-Silica Fiber is an optical fiber comprised of a silica core and silica cladding, usually with a polymer overcoat or buffer. All-Silica Fiber is also often referred to as all-glass fiber.

H-PCF H-PCF or Hard Clad Polymer Fiber system utilizes a hybrid glass/polymer fiber consisting of a pure silica clad with a hard polymer cladding. This allows for easy alignment and termination as well as possessing superior mechanical characteristics.

Hollow Multicore POF Hollow multicore POF allows for the insertion of a plastic or glass imaging fiber into the hollow part of the fiber to be used as a light guide.

Imaging Fiber POF Imaging Fibers are a single fiber comprised of thousands of cores for coherent image transmission. Both MBI fibers and MCI cables (with 7400 cores, or pixels, per fiber), and the MBL fibers and MCL cables (13000 cores, or pixels, per fiber) are available.

Multicore POF Developed by Asahi Kasei, the M series is a new type of plastic optical fiber that has multiple cores in one fiber. This revolutionary new fiber allows for incredible transmission capabilities and bend insensitivity.

Plastic Optical Fiber Asahi Kasei’s high-performance plastic optical fiber is made with a PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) core and a fluoropolymer clad, plastic optical fiber. It is a multi-functional, straightforward, and cost-effective option for use in applications ranging from data transmission to decorative lighting.