All-Silica Fiber

Silica fibers provide a wide wavelength range, good optical transparency, and low absorption and scattering losses. These attributes make All-Silica Fiber particularly well suited for use in surgical lasers.

Fiber type N.A. Index Profile Core/Clad (μm) Attenuation Buffer
HW 0.22 Step 200/240 7 dB/km @ 850 nm ETFE
LW 0.22 Step 200/240 6 dB/km @ 850 nm Acrylate
LW 0.22 Step 200/240 8 dB/km @ 850 nm Acrylate

200/240 High Water .22NA Spec Sheet

200/240 Low Water .22NA Spec Sheet

200/240 All Core .22NA Spec Sheet

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