H-PCF Optical Fiber

H-PCF optical fiber is a unique fiber made with a pure silica core and a low index polymer cladding.
The low OH fiber is ideally suited for use with both 650nm (POF type) and 850nm (standard multimode) active devices.

The large 200µm core diameter allows for easy handling and high coupling efficiency to LEDs, RC-LEDs, VCSEL and other laser sources.

A variety of high numeric apertures are available (from 0.37 to 0.46). Sumitomo also allows for additional functionality by offering two Semi-graded index versions for bandwidths up to 100 Mhz-km*

The special hard clad provides higher temperature stability than conventional claddings. In addition, it allows for fast and efficient “crimp and cleave” field terminations to a variety of connector types.

Product Lineup

Fiber type N.A. Index Profile Core/Clad (μm) Attenuation Bandwidth
HC 0.40 Step 200/230 6 dB/km @ 850 nm 14 MHz-km @ 850 nm
HR 0.37 Step 200/225 6 dB/km @ 850 nm 20 MHz-km @ 850 nm
HG 0.40 Semi-graded 200/225 6 dB/km @ 850 nm 40 MHz-km @ 850 nm
HS 0.46 Step 200/250 6 dB/km @ 880 nm 10 MHz-km @ 880 nm
HT 0.46 Semi-graded 200/250 10 dB/km @ 880 nm 25 MHz-km @ 880 nm
Large Core Fiber
HR 0.37 Step 300/330 8 dB/km @ 850 nm
HR 0.37 Step 400/430 8 dB/km @ 850 nm
HS 0.46 Step 400/430 8 dB/km @ 850 nm

High Power 600 μm Fiber

Fiber type N.A. Index Profile Core/Clad (μm) Attenuation
HR-600 0.37 Step 600/630 ≤7dB/km @ 810nm

Fiber Selection Guide

HC Compatible with Toshiba Toslink Devices and other industrial protocols. Higher NA allows for more efficient coupling to devices.
HR Compatible with Agilent devices and common industrial protocols including SERCOS, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet and Interbus.
HG Semi-graded index profile allows for higher bandwidth for higher speeds and longer lengths. Compatibility with IEEE 1394 S100, S200 and S400 and High speed Toslink devices.
HS Highest standard NA for best coupling efficiency. Compatible with MELSEC and F08 standards.
HT Semi-graded index versions allow for longer lengths and higher speeds also compatibility with F08 and other Japanese standards.
HR-600 Medical Biocompatibility FDA Class VI. Well suited for Industrial data communications, F-O Sensing, and Laser Power Delivery

Fiber Specification Information

HC Spec Sheet
HR Spec Sheet
HG Spec Sheet
HS Spec Sheet
HT Spec Sheet
HR-600 Spec Sheet

Attenuation & Wave Length Scan 1
Attenuation & Wave Length Scan 2

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