Distributed Temperature Sensing (DTS) systems are fiber optic systems that are capable of measuring a temperature profile from a long distance via the laying of a single optical cable. DTS systems grant users access to accurate, reliable, real-time temperature readings, allowing them to monitor their facilities with maximum efficiency. By utilizing a single fiber, a complete and comprehensive temperature profile can be obtained, ensuring no area is left unmonitored. Essentially, a single fiber is routed through all areas in which the user requires a temperature profile. The temperature data is relayed back to the user interface, providing real time temperature readings. (click on products for more information)

FTR3000 One of the most affordable Distributed Temperature Sensing modules available, the FTR3000 offers SD card auto data logging, auto alarm detection/output, 8 watt power consumption, and easy remote access in a slim, compact, portable design.

FTR3000X OPThermo's high performance temperature sensing module, the FTR3000X is available in models capable of measuring 5km,10km, 15km, and 30km. The FTR3000X is ideally suited for long range temperature monitoring for an array of applications.

Multi-Channel Optical Switch This optional addition for DTS systems allows multiple, sequential optical fibers to be measured, enabling users to get temperature readings from a number of different locations.

Severe Environment Optical Fiber and Cable Severe environment optical fiber is designed to withstand stresses brought about by extreme temperatures, corrosive chemicals, and other environmental factors regularly encountered in industrial settings. This makes it ideally suited for use with DTS systems.