h1.Distributed Temperature Sensing Systems (DTS) – FTR3000

The FTR3000 is one of the most affordable and portable fiber optic distributed temperature-sensing systems on the market today. This compact DTS system, weighing less than 7 pounds, is capable of measuring 2000 meters in 60 seconds. The FTR3000 provides the user not only ease of use but peace of mind with rapid, accurate temperature information. *Also available: FTR3000R, intended for harsh environments and able to withstand temperatures ranging from -10ºC to 50ºC

DTS Brochure

Product Features

Product Specs

Measurement Range 500m 1000m 2000m
Measurement Time 10 sec 20 sec 60 sec
Temperature Resolution ±1 ºC
Sampling Resolution 1m
Spatial Resolution 2m (10-90% step)
3m (Hot Spot)

FTR3000 Spec Sheet
FTR3000R Spec Sheet

Specialty Fiber

Berkshire Photonics offers fiber specifically designed for use with DTS systems.
C-S301 Spec Sheet


OPThermo – Berkshire Photonics sells and supports the OPThermo line of Distributed Temperature Sensing systems from J-Power Systems. OPThermo DTS systems allow users to receive temperature measurements by using an optical light pulse that is injected at one end of the optical fiber and is subjected to scattering due to temperature gradients as it travels along the fiber. The Raman scattered light is then reflected to the photo detector. Since the speed of pulse propagation in the fiber is constant, the location where the scattering occurs can be determined by measuring the time between the pulse injection and the detection of the Raman scattering. The OPThermo line converts Raman Scattering information into temperature data, which is then accessible directly on the user’s computer. The included software allows users access to temperature display and recording data, display of temperature trends, alarm settings, statistical analysis, Excel format conversion, communication of measurement data, and self-diagnosis assistance.

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