Rapid Prototyping

Berkshire Photonics’ Rapid Prototyping service enables us to help you transform your ideas into reality. We are capable of taking an idea and developing it into a physical, functioning prototype in a short period of time. We can take your idea from design to development in rapid succession. Our in house machining facilities and efficient staff enable us to create prototype with incredible proficiency. Berkshire Photonics’ Rapid Prototyping Service allows you to quickly test your ideas without forcing you to commit to an expensive order for an assembly that may not satisfactorly meet your needs. If you require help in the development of your prototype product, we can offer help in both engineering and designing capacities. With Over 50 years of combined employee experience in developing high-tech optical devices, the engineers at Berkshire Photonics can help facilitate unparalleled innovations in light and optics. Please call Berkshire Photonics at 860-868-0412 or via email.