National Laboratories laud Berkshire Photonics

Berkshire Photonics has been a valued supplier to US national laboratories for many years. Researchers at these institutions work to understand the interactions between energy and matter, and are continuously devising novel instruments to guide them to new insights.

Novel instruments demand novel components, and if those instruments utilize optical fiber, the best place to get novel components is… Berkshire Photonics.

Our company supplies a constantly-evolving line of multi-fiber assemblies and probes to aid in these endeavors. Some products are only inches in length; others measure 30 meters or more. They may be combinations of low-OH or UV-resistant fibers, PM fibers, or other exotic types, all bundled together in a myriad of configurations. Some are light and delicate; others are protected with steel tubing, or fitted with high-vacuum flanges.

How they are used, we can only guess. But we understand our role in the partnership simply to be: We will expend every effort to devise the solutions the scientists and researchers at our national laboratories need to carry out their important work.

And it’s nice to know our work is appreciated… Just last week, our contact at one of these laboratories wrote a short note to say: 

“I am continually amazed at the quality and ability of you company. Your turn around times are exceptional also.”

Two sentences like that make it all worthwhile.

Berkshire Photonics products are valued and well-regarded by researchers working at the limits of scientific knowledge. Chances are, we can help you with your fiber optic challenges too. Give us a call or write to us, and let us know we can put our expertise to work for you!

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