Environmental Monitoring

The Environmental Monitoring (EM) Market continues to grow, globally, as a wide array of Climate monitoring requirements is being added to an already extensive government regulatory regime covering air and water quality, energy, mining, heavy manufacturing, and automotive industries.

Other growth areas include the monitoring (and measurement) of CO2, extreme weather events and distributed, renewable energy networks. The US alone has new funding commitments exceeding 1T$ for climate, renewables, and infrastructure from 2022 onward.


Value Drivers

To be cost effective, environmental monitoring must combine accurate measurement, reliable collection, networking, and low total cost of ownership. 

Optical fiber-based systems can be ideal, as they combine a wide range of optical point, multi-point and distributed (continuous) sensors; intrinsic dielectric properties, atmospheric and corrosion resistant materials and offer a huge range of short and long haul, networkable data transmission options. 

The emerging field of distributed fiber sensors, such as Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) systems; as well as strain, pressure, and flow, can be tailored to very specific requirements and be cost effective via networked (shared) interrogation.


Applications Focus

Berkshire typically focuses on Applications at the intersection of challenging metrology, operating environments and real-time or polled data acquisition. Temperature is a critical measurand for many climate, energy, high voltage, mining, and hazardous waste management “Brown Field” applications.


Berkshire Strengths

Optimum fiber, coating, cable materials and design expertise. Combining precision distributed fiber sensing with appropriate fiber “packaging” is key to long operating lifetimes and low Total Cost of Ownership.  Berkshire has particular expertise in “short-haul” DTS, combining scientific level accuracy with environmental robustness. Longstanding relationships with several distributed fiber sensor systems companies. 


Berkshire Solutions

Optimum fiber selection; fiber coatings, including hermetic and metallic for ultra-high temperature and pressure environments and cabling for high-temperatures and harsh chemical environments. Special cable sets for point, multi-point, and continuous sensing applications; Airborne DTS cabling. 


Product Focus

Berkshire Engineers custom fiber and cable Solutions for specialized sensing and data acquisition systems. Single and multi-channel cable assemblies; ruggedized cables; high-temperature cables, hermetic or metal coated fibers for extreme environment and very long life-cycle installations. Solutions for Hazardous waste applications including chemical and radiation resistant fiber channels.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081, whether you are developing systems for “spot” data collection in the field or 24/7/365 real-time monitoring in hazardous environments, Berkshire Engineers Solutions – for Spectroscopic, Thermal, Chemical, Strain or other measurands.


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