Energy and Mining

The location, extraction, processing, and distribution of affordable energy of all types are facing immense and complex challenges and constraints – economic, environmental, regulatory, political.  As a global problem, these challenges provide limitless opportunities for high value, fiber-based applications, and solutions.

Whether legacy Oil, Gas and Coal; renewables, Wind and Solar; or emerging next generation Nuclear, all these Energy sources need advances in exploration, extraction, refining, distribution, environmental monitoring, safety, and regulatory compliance. All these supply chain links need increased overall productivity and evolution toward balance in environmental impacts.


Growth and Value Drivers

Berkshire sees long-term growth opportunities in applications that support exploration, make extraction safer and more efficient, provide safe instrumentation and monitoring of processing and transportation and long-term environmental compliance monitoring.

Optical fiber-based sensors are used for 3D mapping, measurement while drilling, enhanced recover from old oil and gas field. The dielectric property of fiberoptic sensing cable, point or continuous, make them essential in both refining and electric grid monitoring environments


Application Focus

Berkshire specializes at the intersection of data acquisition or sensing and harsh, high temperature and high voltage environments.  Remote spectroscopy in the field or processing plant; temperature, pressure, or flow measurement in point of continuous formats. Berkshire has long experience with multi-fiber cable assemblies for control, monitoring or sensing in high field environments.


Engineered Solutions

Optimum solutions start with appropriate fiber, coating and “packaging” selection.  Whether singlemode or even polarization maintaining fiber is required for data transmission or large core fibers for high power transmission or collection, all can be provided for ambient temperatures up to 300 or even 500 °C.  Berkshire has the range of connectors, custom hole drilling and processes to terminate these specially selected fibers

Product Focus

Berkshire brings together access to specially designed fibers, coatings, and packaging; knowledge of high temperature, pressure, and chemically active environments with their wide range of specialized connectorization options.  Berkshire is familiar with a variety of “distributed” fiber sensor (DTS) systems and can design specialized cable assemblies for your specific application requirements.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your system or subsystem and any fiber-related challenges. Whether they relate to oil and gas exploration, oilfield recovery, remote spectroscopic sensing, pipeline integrity sensors, wind turbine control cables, high voltage environments or other more specialized requirements, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.

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