Complex Test and Measurement

Although not a large market, the world of large and complex testing and large-scale metrology provide some of the most difficult challenges for optical fiber-based solutions. As most of these projects are in support of fundamental research, nearly all the instrumentation, sensing, telemetry, and data acquisition is both challenging and custom. These projects are typically sponsored by national laboratories, multinational consortia, and large corporate R&D departments.
Experience, versatility, innovation, access to the latest and the obscure all add value to projects that need to push capabilities to the limits. Berkshire has often had to develop its own metrology systems to meet new customer requirements, positioning it as an ideal partner for complex testing and metrology challenges.
Knowledge of a wide range of specialty environments – high temperature and pressure, radiation, hazardous or explosive environments combine enable. Finally, the ability to measure – time, distance, fluorescence, phosphorescence, chemical species, optical power at the lowest and highest levels are all critical.
  • Application Focus:
    • Pulse detection
    • 3D mapping
    • Ultra-fast experiments
    • Analog and digital telemetry
    • Radiation detection and metrology
    • Chemical process mapping
    • Failure mode analysis
    • High Laser power delivery
  • Berkshire Strengths:
    • Multi-fiber bundles and cable assemblies for unique measurement tasks
    • Large core fibers with special end-preparation
    • Knowledge of radiation sensitive or insensitive fibers for special testing environments
    • Ultra-high temperature metal coated fibers (up to 500ºC) for process probes and distributed sensing
    • Cable and assembly packaging for hazardous or chemically active environments.
  • Engineered Solutions:
    • Single and multifiber assemblies
    • Bundles
    • Tree and branch instrumentation cables
    • Fiber arrays with precise length differentials
    • Light integration systems for measuring multiple input signals
    • Incorporation of commercial distributed fiber sensing systems via custom cable designs.
  • Product Focus:
    • Berkshire designs and fabricates complex bundles
    • Cable assemblies
    • Precision delay lines, reference standards, and other custom subsystems for large scale event data acquisition or ongoing sensing and telemetry
    • Multi-Pin and array connectors for various cable structures
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