Defense Communications

As tactical and strategic Defense challenges have become more complex; communications and control system requirements demand increasing flexibility and precision. Recent large annual increases in procurement and replenishment budgets will drive demand for Defense Communication systems into the future.  More complex threats will drive the demand for increasing capability at lower acquisition and deployment costs.


Value Drivers

Precision signal timing over a wide range of distances increases the versatility, flexibility, and accuracy of communications timing subsystems. Stability over a wide range of environments increases the applicability of these systems on a variety of platforms and applications. Use of optimized fibers and thermally insensitive designs can dramatically improve robustness in the field as well as reduce form factor.


Applications Focus

Berkshire continues to leverage its long experience, design expertise and metrology strengths across both Telecom and Defense applications of precision, fiber coil-based timing subsystems.  Both INDUSTRIES have challenging requirements in both the optical and mechanical domains.  The focus is on precision timing and/or dispersion control that is stable over wide range of time and distance intervals.


Berkshire Strengths

Precision optical and physical length metrology is the foundation for precise, stable, and robust designs.  The ability to utilize very special fibers enables much small and lighter package designs. Access to a wide range of fiber coating and packaging materials enables designs matched to environmental requirements. 


Engineering Solutions

Berkshire is expert in sourcing fibers, optimized for Dispersion Management and Precision delay lines.  They have developed environmentally stable materials and packaging, precision winding and requisite metrology to meet the needs of the most sophisticated network architectures.  They are also expert at high performance connectorization and splicing of modules and subsystems.  Berkshire adapts its high-performance optical solutions to wide temperature, high shock and vibration and other harsh environment applications via optimum material selection or active thermal management.


Product Focus

Berkshire has its deepest expertise in Precision single and multipath environmentally stable delay lines (DLs), Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCMs); specialized interface cables with single fiber and array terminations and Tactical cable assemblies.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your system or subsystem and any fiber-related challenges.  Whether they relate to timing precision, timing stability over temperature and time; dispersion management; form factor reduction, multi-path switching or other performance goals or requirements, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.


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