Precision Manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is being applied to many processes, whether to increase product performance, achieve “zero defects”, reduce cost or all three.  Innovation and capability are key and as best practices are developed; their adoption can be very rapid.


Value Drivers

Optical fiber-based solutions are driving precision manufacturing in various ways, typically in sensing; metrology; clean and harsh environments; high voltage environments and any time the measurement system must be located remotely from the sensing point.


Applications Focus

Remote spectroscopy and measurement is a focus.  Berkshire adapts and packages a wide range of optical fibers for illumination, excitation, metrology, sensing or actuation.  Adaptation may be driven by optical, thermal, chemical, or electrical isolation or collect real-time process data in ultra-clean or ultra- hazardous environments. 

Systems that can detect small variations or that require high power laser excitation can be designed for your unique manufacturing processes, both continuous and batch.  Berkshire makes custom optical excitation and collection assemblies from centimeter to kilometer lengths.


Berkshire Strengths

Precision manufacturing systems are almost always custom designs, highly tailored to the manufacturing process and its operating environment.  Often high-power excitation channels are combined with low power signal detection, requiring complex hybrid cabling with multiple fiber types.  Distal cables ends often contain beam shaping optics for both excitation and collection.  Cabling for special environments such as high voltage, harsh chemicals, ultra-clean can be provide with multiple channels and fiber types. 


Berkshire Solutions

Customer designs often require several solutions such as high temperature fiber and cable packaging; specialized instrument interface connectors; beam shaping optics for excitation and collection; multiple wavelength bands and power levels.  Berkshire can even provide solutions for continuous measurement along a fiber to maintain process conditions over time and distance via distributed temperature or pressure measurement.


Product Focus

Berkshire focuses on custom single and multi-fiber cable assemblies, optimized for customer process and environmental requirements.  Whether for fixed installations in a factory, chemical plant, substation, or mine; or custom accessories for portable spectroscopy system, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss our precision manufacturing challenge.  We can help with proper fiber selection, packaging, termination, and testing. Whether you need metrology, sensing, chemical analysis, high-voltage electrical and thermal measurements, or distributed fiber sensing, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.


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