Why Do Companies Like Yours Work With Berkshire Photonics?

Customers come to Berkshire Photonics for fiber optic solutions they cannot find elsewhere. We have decades of experience coming up with well-engineered solutions to opto-mechanical challenges in a wide array of end-user applications. Our customers come back to us as their requirements grow and evolve, because we have the knowledge and experience to propose, source, assemble, test and deliver the materials and components they need.  

We stock and have access to a wide range of fibers, cables, connectors, and custom terminations. And if we don’t have it in stock, we find it or make it ourselves – including custom metrology systems to validate new designs. 



Berkshire Photonics provides you with fiber and electro-optic hybrid cable assembly solutions based on a careful review of optical, electrical, mechanical, material, environmental, reliability and lifetime criteria. We determine if existing solutions are available, or if new components, materials and processes are needed. Berkshire Photonics understands the importance of fiber selection,  core/cladding diameter and NA considerations; coating or buffer materials; cable jackets, and connector/array types that are appropriate to the environmental, safety and reliability requirements of your application.  

Berkshire Photonics has on-site custom connector drilling and micromachining to precisely match optimum hole size to fiber diameter.  We are experts in precision-winding durable, environmentally-stable fiber coils, and offer specialized test and inspection capabilities to assure quality, performance, reliability, and stability.

Whether you are searching by Industry, Application or Product considerations, our site is designed to guide you to the solution(s) you are seeking. Or you can consult our expertise directly by giving us a call, or filling out the inquiry form. We look forward to hearing about your requirements and priorities, and guiding you to the best solution.


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