Optimized Fiber, Cable, and Component Selection

Selection of the optimum fiber, cable and termination designs is critical to an Application Solution that is appropriate, reliable, and cost-effective – balancing optical, mechanical, reliability, environmental and lifetime requirements. Choosing the wrong fiber can cause later stage development iterations and extended NPD times. Choosing the “right” component set will optimize system performance at the lowest possible overall cost and shortest time to market.


Berkshire Strengths

Access to and experience with hundreds of kinds, sizes, and designs of standard and specialty optical fibers. This broad Applications expertise – knowing what to use for each application – ensures that the optimum fiber design is applied and that downstream cabling and connectorization are both possible and achievable. Overall system requirements are discussed up front and failure modes considered in the fiber, cable and component selection process.  Berkshire helps you “get it right the first time”, using a “structured review and challenge process”; discussing all critical requirements and trade-offs.


Berkshire Solutions

Once your Application challenge is understood, Berkshire will recommend the best combination of fiber design, “packaging”, that is, Cabling materials and Connectorization options. Communications applications may require industry standard or high-performance connectors and processes; High-power laser delivery applications may require specialized SMA connectors with custom drilled ferrules; fiber sensor cables may have to withstand exposure to high temperatures or harsh environments.  Berkshire can quickly help select the right combination of fiber, cabling, and connectors for your application.


Product Focus

Optimum product and component selection applies to all assembly design-in products, whether they be multifiber cable assemblies; terminated fiber bundles; high-power laser delivery probes; precision delay line coils; dispersion compensation modules or concatenated subsystems incorporating precise fiber selection, splicing, coiling and connectorization. 


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your Application challenges. Whether they relate to coupled laser power, minimizing bending loss, assuring reliability for tight bend radius deployment, high temperature survivability, flame retardance, sterilizability or other critical requirements, Berkshire Engineers Solutions



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