Custom Ferrule Drilling and Micromachining

Whether you are prototyping, scaling-up or looking to de-cost volume production, access to a range of connector Solutions is critical. During the prototype stage, the ability to quickly test multiple options is important.  Once the design is locked, the ability to scale special designs fast is critical. As production increases, the ability to implement custom modifications can help de-cost components and assemblies over time.

Berkshire Strengths

Known for its expertise in nearly every type of fiberoptic connector, and especially “all things SMA” – the standard for high power delivery, Berkshire gives you access to inventory – standard and specialty; metal, ceramic or plastic; single fiber or array; all types of polishing and inspection; unique accessories and tooling.  Design it into your product or system or “Buy it now” in our eStore.


Berkshire Solutions

Long experience solving a broad range of difficult termination challenges has enabled Berkshire to assemble its unique capability set. This includes a wide range of connector formats, ferrule hole sizes, bodies, and back-ends, enabling rapid response to both assembly and component orders.  Access to an even wider range of options in small to very large quantities is the next capability. 

If something new is required, in-house, custom ferrule drilling is available for rapid prototyping or to optimize fit, reliability and optical performance. In addition to custom drilling, Berkshire has precision machining and 3D additive manufacturing to get to your solution fast.

Product Focus

Berkshire’s Connectorization expertise spans the space – from ultra-precise, low loss telecom termination, to multi-fiber array connectors; from ultra-low power sensors to ultra-high power laser coupling; from straightforward SMAs to tactical multi-pin – to ultra-custom, electro-optic hybrids with RFID, “sensor in housing” or other safety or traceability options.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your connector selection or modification challenges. Whether they relate to optimizing through hole size, epoxy vs. no epoxy termination, special polishing and testing, custom accessories or fixtures, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.


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