Precision Fiber Winding, Spooling and Metrology

Precision winding, spooling and metrology, together have become one of Berkshire’s strongest core competencies.  As a very early entrant, Berkshire has ratcheted up their fiber design, selection, winding, measuring and validation capabilities, continuously improving all the value drivers of this Solution area. 

Starting with fundamentals: choosing the right fiber design, coating and, dimensions; the ability to precisely measure the “optical” length of a fiber and correlate to the specified delay time; to minimize external perturbations of refractive index, primarily thermally or thermo-mechanically induced; to design packaging and any environmental controls that support the lifetime of the coil.  With precision coil metrology, comes the ability to measure and spool fiber and cable in general, a capability that supports all of Berkshire’s fiber and cable products.

Berkshire Strengths

  • Fiber design and selection; tradeoffs
  • Coating materials and dimensions and their environmental and aging behavior; winding tension and environmental stabilization
  • Refractive index metrology and its impact on optical length precision and changes over temperature and time
  • Novel coatings and miniaturization of coils
  • Splicing and termination of sub-125µm cladding singlemode fibers
  • Precision winding and tension control
  • Adhesive and adhesive-less winding
  • Multiple fibers per winding designs
  • Thermally insensitive designs and packaging of network elements for delay lines, dispersion compensation and sensing applications.

Berkshire Solutions

  • Delay line coils
  • Discrete, short to very long and concatenated delay solutions
  • Thermally insensitive coils
  • High temperature coils
  • Wide temperature range coils
  • Ultra-small, long delay coils
  • Small clad/coating coils
  • Sensor coils with high thermal sensitivity
  • Precision cable winding
  • Precision physical and optical length metrology
  • Precision length metrology for large core fibers

Product Focus

  • Precision length spooling
  • Precision fiber winding
  • Precision singlemode fiber coils
  • Reduced diameter fiber winding, splicing and termination
  • Spooled and fully packaged fixed delay lines
  • Packaged, multiple delay lines
  • Multiple-switched delay lines
  • Thermally controlled delay line packaging
  • Dispersion Compensation Coils and Modules (DCCs, DCMs)
  • Concatenated, switchable network delay elements.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your precision winding requirements – whether for discrete, short sensor coils, custom network delay elements or dispersion compensation and control, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.

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