Precision Dispersion, Timing and Phase Control

As demand for bandwidth on both public and private networks continues to grow, innovators are developing subsystems that can squeeze more bandwidth out of existing physical plant, at all levels of the network.  Whether by adding additional lambdas, increasing data-rates, reducing fiber impairments on legacy installs, any approach that obviates the need for new fiber can prove in more easily.  Huge public investment in rural and underserved communities will drive demand for innovative subsystem solutions over the next 5 years as well as extend the frontiers of new systems.


Value Drivers

The ability to provide custom Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCMs) is an enabling capability for high-capacity telecom systems.  The ability to provide cost effective, fully packaged systems with a wide range of compensation is rare and a key driver for high value telco systems and subsystems.  High value solutions must optimize a mix of high performance, low loss, low cost, small size, environmental stability, and reliability.  Special or unique challenges require the ability to provide custom solutions on a rapid turnaround basis.


Application Focus

Berkshire’s key Application focus is to provide low loss, environmentally stable DCMs on a custom, rapid turnaround basis.  Berkshire can provide very high levels of compensations while minimizing insertion loss and form factor. 


Berkshire Strengths

Application knowledge; custom design capability; fiber sourcing; precision, low loss winding; environmentally stable packaging; low loss splicing of dissimilar fibers; low loss connectorization; polarization maintaining fiber splicing and termination; precision metrology of dispersion, physical and optical length; insertion loss, and other figures of merit.


Engineered Solutions

Dispersion Compensation elements must be extremely precise and validated over time, temperature, and other environmental perturbations.  To provide such a precise dispersion element, fiber requirements have to be expertly defined and extremely well characterized so the required physical length can be accurately determined, measured and then precisely wound on appropriate mandrels or bobbins, making it insensitive to thermal excursions. Berkshire provides high performance splices or connectors avoiding unwanted noise in the system. Final dispersion metrology and validation over specified conditions is the final step.  

Product Focus

Berkshire primarily addresses fiber-based dispersion compensation but has the capability to integrate other approaches for special applications. Its strengths are in very high dispersion compensation with special packaging requirements.

Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your system dispersion compensation requirements.  Whether you are looking to increase the capacity of specific routes or spans – or are looking for a range of more standardized DCMs, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.


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