Advanced Research and Development

Advanced R&D projects are often complex, multi-year undertakings with constantly-evolving requirements. Berkshire Photonics has successfully contributed to long-term programs over the years, providing custom, made-to-order assemblies and solutions to universities, private research organizations, and national laboratories in the US and abroad.

Value Drivers

Advanced R&D is typically government, consortium or multi-national corporate sponsored. It often spans multiple phases and requires both long term-commitment and rapid response to changes and new directions. This segment more than any other requires the totality of all Berkshire experience, expertise, and capabilities. 

Often asked to do things never-before tried, this is where Berkshire shines.  From designing a complex excitation/sensing bundle to fabricating custom connector ferrules; from applying new distributed fiber sensing technology to remembering “how it was done” for a similar challenge, ten years before, Berkshire adds value to your experiments and projects.

Applications Focus

Berkshire develops solutions for both “one off” optical sensors, data acquisition, or laser excitation challenges or combines all three applications in hybrid bundles or cable solution – often for harsh or “special” environments.  Sensing fibers for environments up to 500 degrees; UV sensing fibers; remote spectroscopy probes; timing reference cables. 

Berkshire Strengths

Wide range of special fiber options for excitation, collection, and timing; multi-fiber bundles and arrays; proven designs for sensor subsystems; wide range of single fiber, multifiber, single ferrule, array and multi-pin ‘tactical’ connectors

Engineering Solutions

Combinations of different fiber sizes and types for excitation, optical collection, and data acquisition, for multi-point sensing from a single bundle or cable – or termination ‘ferrule’.  Beam shaping and lensing for delivery and collection. High temperature fiber coatings and cable jacketing for harsh environments. Custom ferrule through-hole drilling and machining.  Custom cable development for use with OTDR-Interrogated, distributed sensing systems

  • Product Focus:
    • Complex, custom, multi-fiber bundles
    • UV-VIS-NIR
    • Custom ferrules with multi-fiber arrays and fiber groupings
    • Precision timing and delay lines for multipoint synchronization
    • Metal and ceramic ferrule terminations
    • Large core, high NA fibers for maximum collection efficiency
    • Small core and clad diameter fibers for precision spatial resolution. 

Contact Us at 860-868-0081 – to discuss your fiber-based, advanced R&D sensing, control, or metrology challenges. Whether you are fibering up ultra-fast sensing or ‘imaging’ experiments; high-temperature or high electric field monitoring or other unique combinations of spectroscopy, precision timing, harsh environments or distributed sensing, Berkshire Engineers Solutions.

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