Specialized Telecommunications

Demand for bandwidth for public and private networks; 5G wireless as well as Fiber to the business and home continues the exponential growth of newly installed fiber as well as the specialized systems, new end-equipment and components that increase the bandwidth of lit or dark fiber, already deployed.  


Global demand for private network equipment that can dramatically increase the capacity of private networks while avoiding the cost and lead time to install new cable, continues to grow. These special systems provide the fastest, most flexible, and cost-effective way to grow capacity when and where it is needed. Whether deployed with existing or new fiber installs, these systems grow the value of very large investments now and into the future. 


Specialized networks and their highly evolved subsystems add value by providing new flexibility, control, and security along with the raw bandwidth they add.  However, as these networks become more complex, they also require more sophisticated systems and new capabilities.


Application Focus

Berkshire develops solutions for applications that increase bandwidth, system flexibility, control; integration with Satcom, 5G wireless, RF-over-fiber – where Dispersion Management, Precision Timing and Polarization control are critical to system performance.


Engineering solutions

Berkshire is expert in sourcing fibers, optimized for Dispersion Management and Precision delay lines.  They have developed environmentally stable materials and packaging, precision winding and requisite metrology to meet the needs of the most sophisticated network architectures.  They are also expert at high performance connectorization and splicing of modules and subsystems.

  • Product Focus:

Berkshire has its deepest expertise in:

    • Dispersion Compensation Modules (DCMs)
    • Precision single and multipath environmentally stable delay lines (DLs), specialized interface cables with single fiber and array terminations.


Contact Us at 860-868-0081 to discuss your system or subsystem and any fiber-related challenges. Whether they relate to dispersion management, timing precision, timing stability over temperature and time, form factor reduction, multi-delay switching or other performance goals or requirements, Berkshire Engineers Solutions


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